Friends Of Camp Salmen Nature Park, Inc.
Friends Of Camp Salmen Nature Park, Inc.

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     There is an old saying, “You are not much of a frog if you do not croak in your own pond!”  Well, we have a very unique “pond” in our local community. Help this ol’ frog along with other Friends of Camp Salmen Members croak in this wonderful “pond”.  We could use any available resources you could provide by becoming a member, volunteering for various events during the year, or financial donations.  Any support you provide is much appreciated.

     One major theme of this website is to encourage a visit to Camp Salmen Nature Park both online and offline. Anyone could enjoy online anywhere in the world if they have any smart devices and offline by visiting the Nature Park’s rich environments for they are many.

     If you enjoyed visiting Camp Salmen Nature Park, consider becoming a Friends Of Camp Salmen Nature Park Member or visit our Donation Web page supporting this wonderful “pond” of ours called “Camp Salmen Nature Park”. 

     Friends of Camp Salmen Nature Park Inc. is a non-profit 501 C 3 organization; funds donated are Tax Deductible and submited either by snail mail or by PayPal. Please fill out this Membership Form and follow instructions. There are only two ways to become a member; by snail mail or using this website.

   OR send the generated email and then complete your Membership process using PayPal. When you become a member, you qualify for a Camp Salmen Nature Park T-Shirt. State size in the generated email.